橋本 修一 展 「記憶と言う名の回路〜散歩の中の旅」
2009年 1月26日〜2月8日




コンテンポラリー アート ギャラリー
Zone 代表 中谷 徹


Shuichi Hashimoto's work, "The Circuit Called Memory"

Hashimoto often travels on trips which vary from pedestrian walk to overseas expeditions. It is a trip with Ayame, his partner. It is not a common trip that a tourist agency plans. They roam over fields, mountains and streets searching for a"beauty"-the Muse that will grant them help. It is a sacred trip. Hashimoto and Ayame, organic beings with taciturn movements as they travel. Moreover they perform and think perfectly in tune with each other - void of the use of words. The sceneries that quench his and sometimes her aesthetic palate while on a trip are captured in his inner part of memory through the use of his favorite digital camera, FINEPIX. Also, a record of their love.

His work cannot be talked about without the word,"trip." The images he comes across at various locations are pared with his eyes, once framed in his memory, set free and reconstructed. At first glance, the viewers are fascinated by a flood of glittering colors and next minutes they are entranced by a wondrous, mysterious feeling as if they were peeping secretly through a kaleidoscope. Scattered fragments of vivid colors, signs, buildings in landscapes floating in space. His works deceive them by poising as a pseudo-sightseeing poster, but in reality direct them to a strange dimensional world. The images, woven beyond time and space with fragmental pieces of pictures taken during his trip, make viewers stand unstable and insecure and forces them to experience his memory circuit. It is the trap he sets for us.

Once he takes charge of his works, sceneries of ordinary life are transformed to a "reality" non existent in this world. It is joyous journey to an artist's heart in works such as "The Trip in Every Day Life-Sakurai", "Tennoji-Nanba", which is from Hashimoto's masterful abilities as a first rate graphic designer.
It is grateful that was able to invite him to the first exhibition.

Contemporary Art Gallery Zone Director : Toru Nakatani